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About Us

Prime Sabji is an online e-commerce store.It was founded in the year 2016, independently to add value to the produce that finally reaches the customers under controlled conditions.Prime Sabji & Fruits founder Shree D.P. Pandey always says that a healthy diet is not a balance diet if you do not include vegetables & fruits in it.Infact they provide our body with essentials nutrients that boosts our immunity & protect us against chronic diseases such as heart diseases, cancer and diabeties.Fruits & Vegetables are in for long run , consume them daily & live a long & healthy life minus all the sickness & diseases.Prime Sabji & Fruits sell all kind of vegetables & fruits from Indian to tropical exotic ranges such as Bathua,Patta Gobhi,Broccoli,Green Onions,Mushroom,Avocado, Red Grapes, etc.. at our on line shop.You can log in to our on line portal & browse through a wide range of vegetables & fruits.It's a one stop option for all your sabji & fruits needs.It's an easy & affodable option to enjoy fruits & vegetables delivered right at your door.We give our services within Ghaziabad,Noida & Delhi NCR.Our aim is to serve our customers in a better & convenient way.We will be expanding many new areas as possible as vey soon.Our tag line"EAT AND EARN" denotes that we give you an opportunity to earn more & more in our WFH system.We ensure our customer that pruduct supply to you a good quality, fresh & safe product.