Foods To Avoid For Diabetic People.
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Diabetes is a bad chronic disease. It occurs when people are suffering from too low blood sugar levels or too high. Everyone has their own favorite food and they think that after diabetes occurred in them, they have to stop eating their favorite food, but it’s not like that, they can eat but in a small amount. However, they have to maintain healthy food to control their diabetes level.

People With Diabetes Have To Avoid Some Foods And they are as follows:


Vegetables are very nutritional but you have to avoid some vegetables if you are a diabetes patient. The veggies you need to avoid are as follows:

  1. Canned vegetables such as peas, carrots, tomatoes, etc, they are not allowed to eat to diabetes patient because they contain lots of sodium
  2. Avoid cooking your veggies with lots of sauce, cheese, and butter
  3. Avoid pickles as much as you can because it also contains sodium.


Fruits have low sodium and fat naturally. They tend to give you minerals, fibers, carbohydrates, and vitamins. But some of the fruits contain lots of carbs than vegetables. The fruits which you have to avoid are as follows:

  • Avoid Canned fruits such as pineapples, peaches, and pears and those who have heavy syrup
  • Avoid Fruit punches, fruit juices, and fruit drinks
  • Avoid fruit jam and jelly as much as you can.

Dairy Foods:

Consume fewer dairy products while you are having diabetes. Dairy products which you have to avoid are as follows:

  1. Whole milk. It is what human use every day in their life
  2. Regular cottage cheese (paneer)
  3. Regular yogurt and also fruit flavored yogurt
  4. Regular ice cream.


Drinks are really ok! But diabetics need to avoid as much as they can because their favorite drinks might have fats, sugars, salt, or calories in higher quantities. Drinks you need to avoid are as follows:

  1. Sodas
  2. Mixed fruit drinks
  3. Beers
  4. Too much-sweetened tea
  5. Sweetened coffee or coffee with cream
  6. Energy drinks.

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